Contractor Education & Attractions in Dallas OR

Contractor Education & Attractions in Dallas OR

Are you considering a career in contracting and live in or near Dallas, OR? Then you may be interested to learn about the many educational opportunities available to you. But Dallas, OR has much more to offer than just contractor education. From stunning natural beauty to fascinating historical landmarks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s explore some of the amazing attractions and interesting facts about this charming town.


Interesting facts:

Contractor education: For those interested in pursuing a career in contracting, Dallas, OR offers a variety of educational opportunities. Chemeketa Community College’s Northwest Viticulture Center, located just outside of Dallas, offers a two-year degree program in vineyard management and wine-making. (source:

In conclusion, Dallas, OR is a hidden gem of a town that offers a wealth of attractions and interesting facts, in addition to educational opportunities for those interested in contracting. So why not plan a visit and see all that Dallas, OR has to offer for yourself?