How much is too much for contractor education?

Contractor pre-license and continuing education are both vital parts of contractor education. Almost every state in the country requires pre-licensing courses prior to submitting to a contractor’s license. Continuing education courses are repeatedly needed to keep a license active. While many courses are offered in person, there are many options to take the courses online. So, the question is when considering cost, how much is too much for contractor education?

Contractor Education Pricing

There are plenty of companies out there that offer online education courses. These companies are located throughout the country, and all have varying experience within the education realm. With multiple options, it’s hard to determine which course gets you the best value for your money. It is very common for contractors to pay upwards of $500 for either of these courses. In fact, contractors do this all the time. For us here at 123 Contractor Education, we think that is crazy! Contractor education is a necessity for contractors to not only get but to keep their license. We think that this should be a low barrier to entry and should not be a financial difficulty for any company, either big or small. Our prices vary by state and type of education. However, our lowest cost course starts at $19. We will also be continuing to add more states.

Am I Trading Quality for Cost?

This is a legitimate concern for contractors. You may find yourself asking, “Why is there such a huge difference in cost?” The answer is simple: We value relationships. We firmly believe that by providing affordable contractor education, we will be able to benefit your business in other ways. We guarantee that this is the training that you want for your business. You can rest assured that you are not only getting a quality education for a bargain, but you are also gaining a valuable connection that will ultimately help your business. Contractors who had purchased other courses in the past, haven’t looked back since. You will find that we can back up our claims with great results. So come explore our website today. We promise that we will make it worth your while.

By Gator Hunter

As our Marketing Director, Gator handles all of the marketing for 123 Contractor Education. Primarily, Search Engine Optimization, marketing campaigns, and our company’s social media. He is an Arizona State alumni and a current Masters of Marketing student at the University of Alabama.